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Contact Lens Fitting Process:

  • The patient will see one of our Doctors for a comprehensive exam. From this exam, the patient will receive a prescription for glasses and a trial contacts prescription 

  • Our Optician will pull contacts in the patient's prescription and set you up with a 1-hour fitting appointment 

  • The Optician will go over the proper care and handling of contacts​

  • How to properly insert and remove contacts

  • Make sure patient and parents are fully trained in the insertion and removal of contacts

  • Will answer any questions or concerns

  • Once patient has succeeded in inserting and removing contacts, they will see the Doctor to verify the fit and power is correct. 

  • The Doctor will then finalize the prescription and provide a copy to the patient. 

  • The patient will leave with a pair of trial contacts in their prescription to verify the prescription works for them before ordering boxes of contacts. 

Beauty Products

Eye Care Products


Eyelid & Eyelash Cleanser - A tear-less formula that gently removes morning eye discharge and irritants that may contribute to discomfort associated with pink eye, allergies and other eyelid related conditions. 


Occlusion Therapy  -  Orthoptic Eye Patch that is very soft with a finely woven material for maximum comfort: lets the skin breathe.  New redesigned shape, with nasal slits cut in the patch, for a better fit close to the nose. 

Patches - We have patches available for the eye, and some that go over one side of the eye glasses. 

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